Kent Stroman

How Much ($) Should You Ask For?

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Guest Post by Kent Stroman Note from Bob:  If you are involved in Fundraising then December is “Harvest Time” – the month where nearly one third (31%) of Annual Giving occurs.  How do you decide how much ($) you should ask for?  My friend Kent Stroman shares some very timely advice! The area in which we most often guess and assume…and then get it wrong…is with respect to the amount of the gift. Somewhere along the way, two wrong alternatives came to be widely…

Questions that Give Pause

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Guest Post by Kent Stroman If I could give anyone anything to enrich their life, it would be better asking tools.  I’ve spent years in the world of fundraising trying to ask better questions and engage with donors at a level that goes beyond dollar amounts. The mark of a great question is that it causes someone to pause before they answer.  A few months ago, I was able to spend some time with a colleague who I’ve known for several years. During our…

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