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10 Questions to Ask Any Job Candidate

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Guest Post by Mark Goulston Previously posted @ GoulstonGroup.com Knowing how a wrong hire for a critical position can bring a company to its knees, the Goulston Group developed the following “verify-then-hire” checklist for hiring talent you won’t have to fire could. These are the questions we ask when hiring for our group. Please weigh in with how you would edit, modify or completely replace the checklist to make it relevant to…

How Do You Know If You Talk Too Much?

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Guest Post by Mark Goulston You may have heard the saying, “When you’re in love, smoke gets in your eyes.” Well when you’re talking, smoke gets in your eyes and ears. Once you’re on a roll, it’s very easy to not notice that you’ve worn out your welcome. You may not even realize that the other person is politely trying to get a word in, or subtly signaling that they need to be elsewhere (possibly, anywhere else if you have been really boring). There are three stages of speaking to other people. In the first stage, you’re on task, relevant and concise. But then…

The Impossible Question

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The Impossible Question How often do you say (maybe to yourself) “That’s impossible!”? How often do you hear “That’s impossible!”? How do you know that? General George S. Patton was known for his quip, “How do you know that?” So let me ask you:  “How do you/they know that’s impossible?” The Impossible Question Today I want to share with you one of my most favorite questions:  (actually three versions of the same question) Joel Barker in his…

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