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Ask Questions

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Excerpted from the just released “5 Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders” by Lee and Julie Colan

Plenty of books are filled with lists of questions, but asking questions without a clear objective is like playing the question lotto. Very occasionally you might get lucky and win, but most of the time you will come up empty-handed. That’s a loss for you and for your team member. There is rarely a right answer to a wrong...

Ask the Right Question

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Excerpted from “Getting the BEST from Yourself and Others” by Julie Davis-Colan and Lee J. Colan

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” — Eugene Ionesco

The fastest way to change the answers you receive—from yourself and others—is to change the questions you ask.  Consider the possible responses to questions like these:

  • What happens if I fail at this?
  • How will I deal with this problem...

The Fundamental 4 Questions that Every Employee Asks

The Fundamental 4 Questions that Every Employee Asks

Guest Post by Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. and Julie Davis-Colan

Excerpted from:

Cheryl Johnson is a client and a corporate leader with ULTA Beauty, a rapidly growing retailer of beauty products and services. During one particular discussion, we talked about how painting the picture can ignite a passion for people to go the extra mile.

Cheryl was reflecting on one of her first jobs as a dishwasher in a hospital. Interestingly, she didn’t see her job as that of only a dishwasher. Most people would wallow in the mundane task of washing dishes, but Cheryl’s boss painted a...