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The Most Powerful Question A Leader Can Ask

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Guest Post by John Baldoni

How can I help you do your job better?

That is one of the most potent questions in management when a senior executive puts that question to an employee. Offering such assistance is a recognition by the executive that his job is to help others do their jobs better.

The other day a CEO with whom I work took at question a step further. When one of his direct reports said that he was feeling good about the work and the company, so much so he said that on a scale of 1-10 most days he was at 10. To which the CEO responded. “Let me know what...

3 Questions to Help You Take Charge of Change

3 Questions to Help You Take Charge of Change

Guest Post by John Baldoni

excerpted  from his newest book, The Leader’s Pocket Guide

(Release Date:  11-7-12) One reason we fear change is because we feel a loss of control.

And while you cannot control the change process, you can control how you and your team react to it.

Assert your ownership. Doing so shifts the emphasis from something being done to you to something over which you have control. Consider these three questions to help you take charge:

1. What do we do now?

Understand that you...

Would You Like to “Learn to Ask Better Questions” ?


Guest Post by John Baldoni

From Harvard Business Review Blog Network  

Every leader I know has at least one need in common: a need to connect honestly with others. One way to help foster improved connections is by asking good questions. Leaders who excel at asking good questions have honed an ability to cut to the heart of the manner in a way that disarms the person being interviewed and opens the door for genuine conversation.

Whether they are talking to customers, interviewing job candidates, talking to their bosses, or even questioning staff, executives need to...