How Do I Ask Powerful Questions?

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Guest Post by Karen Zando

“How do I ask powerful questions?” is something I am asked frequently.

I sense people hope I will provide a formula or, better yet, a list of questions that can be used when a coaching opportunity arises. This presupposes the power of the question is in its construction when in reality the real power is found in the way it relates to the person being coached (PBC) in the moment we are coaching. What is a powerful question one day may be far less powerful on another day or with another person because it does not meet them in the present...

Jill Geisler’s Top Ten Coaching Questions

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Excerpted from chapter 11 with the permission of the author & publisher of Work Happy – What Great Bosses Know by Jill Geisler

Jill Geisler’s Top Ten Coaching Questions:

  1.  How can I help you?  It’s a friendly opening line- with a purpose.  It’s designed to get people to state their goal at the very start of the conversation.  Too often, people say, “Can I run something past you?” and launch a long story while you figure out where all this is going.  “How can I help you?” leads them to give you a headline in advance.  It can expedite the...

The Art of Active Listening

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Excerpted with permission from “Quantum Coaching Questions” by Marilena Minucci

Note from Bob:  I just recently came across this terrific book!  At first glance you might think this is simply a book for Wellness Coaches!  Or at second glance just for Coaches.   You would be wrong!   This is a book for all Leaders!  For everyone who wants to grow their “Leading With Questions” skills!  You will want to order your personal copy...

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