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Have You Got Great Questions?

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Guest Post by David Carr My first adventure out of college was in sales, which lead to becoming a sales manager. One of the things I quickly picked up on was that great sales people were not great talkers, they were great listeners. Great listening sales people asked great, thoughtful questions and listened to the responses of their customers and followed up with more questions…

The Perfect Storm!

The Perfect Storm! thumbnail

Guest Post by Curt Steinhorst It’s the perfect storm. Our psychology is hard-wired to seek new stimuli. When seeing something novel, we receive a jolt of dopamine, which we like. Neuroscientists call this bottom-up attention, and it’s the first system of attention in our brains—it’s part of how humanity has thrived. Bottom-up attention seeks novel stimuli with a particular focus on finding pleasure (i.e., nourishment and procreation) and avoiding pain (i.e., death). Meanwhile, our technology has evolved to the point…

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