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Gaining Commitment for Change


Guest Post by Pam Smith My first exposure to the use of a “ruler statement” is one I will never forget.  The marketing manager of my former company presented his product plan to the senior staff and our company president asked him:   “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your chances of accomplishing this?”  The response was: “Oh, about a four”. As the senior staff did a collective “gulp” at the thought of a leader presenting a plan he didn’t…

What Is Your Single Word Focus for 2014?

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Guest Post by Pam Smith On a recent conference call, there was a great question posed to our group of business leaders: “What is your single word focus for 2014?” As I thought about this question, my thoughts landed on a word that I used in a women’s conference presentation a couple of years ago: “Inpower”. That’s the word I’m focusing on for 2014! How does “Inpower” differ from “Empower”? Empowering those you lead means that it is your power, not theirs, and you are choosing to give it to them. If…

What Are You Tolerating?

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What Are You Tolerating?

Guest Post by Pam Smith All of us put up with things that we know if we would just address them head on it would help reduce the feeling of stress and being overwhelmed. So why do we tolerate things?  I think it’s because we believe that we don’t have the time or the energy to take care of things that we position as just annoyances because in the big scheme of things, they aren’t that big.  Actually, things that we tolerate might not be big, but they have power. We allow them to keep us from repurposing the negative energy that it takes to keep them in our life into…

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