Do You Make Decisions “With” or “For” Your Staff?


What is the “Difference” in the two “Decision Making Processes” above?  Don’t they both ask for staff input?   Is “When” you ask staff for input in the “Decision Making Process” just as important as “What” you ask? Which process do you think will have the “Best Chance” of succeeding?  <a href=""...

Want to Raise Kids with Great Empathy?

Want to Raise Kids with Great Empathy? thumbnail

Guest Post by John Brandon Always Ask Them This One Simple Question: “How am I doing as your dad?” It’s a question I didn’t ask often enough. Yet, it’s an incredibly valuable question to ask, because to my kids it meant I was being vulnerable enough to ask for their feedback. More importantly, I was revealing that I was interested in what my kids were feeling and thinking. It was a way to connect on an emotional level, to demonstrate empathy in a way that was 100% genuine. They didn’t…

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