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Always Wait for and Trust the Question

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Guest Post by Aileen Gibb, Conversationalist, Master Masteries Coach (IAC), TEDx Speaker, Author I’ve had many powerful question moments in my two decades of coaching leaders and facilitating conversations with their teams. If ever I learned to trust the power of a question it was a number of years ago when I had the privilege of facilitating a strategic conversation with a large global company. The then CEO of the organization wanted to hear the voices of people at all levels in the organization. He wanted to ask them what their views were on how the company was operating and…

Growing Sales Success with Questions

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Invitation from Bob: Would you like to increase your Leadership Effectiveness X10?  You are invited to join me on Tuesday, January 30 at 12 pm ET/11 am CT/10 am MT/9 am PT for a Free “Leading with Questions” Webinar to learn how to increase your leadership effectiveness by…

Change your Question, Change Results

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Guest Post by Aileen Gibb, MMC (IAC), Author, Tedx Speaker and Conversationalist “Are there any questions?” Silence. Awkward fidgeting. Heads down to avoid eye contact. If you’ve ever attended a meeting in any sizeable organization — from large town-hall type gatherings to small team talks or even one-on-one performance reviews, you are familiar with this scenario. “Are there any questions?” repeats the presenter, quite often the boss, expert or team leader hoping that somehow she has managed to stir your interest and…

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