What Can You Learn About “Leading with Questions” by Studying Jesus?


I don’t know about you–but I ask a lot of questions because I don’t know the answers.  

But not true for Jesus.

So what do you think of today’s blog?

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Lassina SORO   |   05 April 2012   |   Reply

“Leading by asking questions” helps people to develop their critics and analytical mind, and find answers to questions by themselves. You don’t need to get everything ready for people, but you encourage them to develop their character. This was the particular way of teaching of our Lord JESUS.

Malcolm Hutchinson   |   05 April 2012   |   Reply

Clearly, Jesus asked questions in order to challenge people to THINK!

Niranjan Moses   |   06 April 2012   |   Reply

Asking questions helps other to think and give an answer, rather giving it. Jesus knew the answer, but he allow to give the answer by disciples, thinking deeply.
Good questiones drill down the mind…

Fernando J. Henry   |   06 April 2012   |   Reply

That’s funny, a guy on the plane last night was talking about this very subject!!! Thank you for the insight. Have a great Easter