Announcing the 2016 Winners of the “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving

Announcing the 2016 Winners of the “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving post image

Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 92: 1 says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”

For the past two weeks friends on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and subscribers of were invited to enter the Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving” contest.

A complimentary printed “Great Leaders ASK Questions – A Fortune 100 List” book and CD Audio Book were promised for the authors of the questions selected.

Scores of great questions poured in! My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who entered!


Here are our 2016 Winners of “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving” Contest:


joeypayne1. “Who is one person from your childhood that you are so thankful for? Please tell us about them?” (I am inclined to say “besides your mom and dad”.)

Submitted By:
Joey Payne – Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

kathy-gallagher-c2. “What have you done this year to make others thankful?”  

Submitted By:
Kathy Gallagher – Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

dianneogle-closeup-c3. “What has been the greatest blessing you received in 2016?”

Submitted By:
Dianne Ogle – Buford, Georgia

bobb-biehl-twitter-c4. “If your house was burning down and you could only save one thing…what would you save? Why are you so thankful for that one thing?”

Submitted By:
Bobb Biehl – Scottsdale, Arizona

julie-nimmons-25. “The pilgrims demonstrated incredible courage to leave everything behind and come to the New World. What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life?”

Submitted By:
Julie Nimmons – Franklin, Tennessee


Honorable Mention:

There were so many great entries!  Although I am tempted to share them all – I decided six more simply had to be included:

  • “What is the one ‘Thankful’ surprise that you’ve experienced this year? Bo Prosser – Tucker, Georgia
  • “What do you think God would be thankful for in your life?” Donna Mitchell – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • “Who has made a meaningful difference in your life this year?  Will you take the time to contact them to thank them during this Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend? Amir Ghannad – Atlanta, Georgia
  • “If you could have one ‘Do-Over’ from this past year – something said or done – what would you choose and why?” Chris Randazzo – Orlando, Florida
  • For my Grandchildren: “What are the two-three things that you did this past year that you think would make your grandpa most proud/thankful?” Mike Marquardt – Reston, Virginia
  • “Of all that you are giving thanks for at this season, what are those things that are the same – and those that are different – from the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians who celebrated the first Thanksgiving?” Elaine Petty – Washington, D.C.

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What People Are Saying

Juan Carlos Jerez Torres   |   23 November 2016   |   Reply

Hi Bob…

My Question is

What is the thing you did for another in your life, which makes you prouder.

Juan Carlos

Bob Tiede   |   23 November 2016   |  

Thanks Jaun for sharing another great question:

Elizabeth Lawrence   |   26 November 2016   |   Reply

Just have the opportunity to see this and I would like to ask one thing: If you faced God today and asked you, “Why should I let you through that pearly gate?” What would you tell God?