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How Do You Know If You Talk Too Much?

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Guest Post by Mark Goulston You may have heard the saying, “When you’re in love, smoke gets in your eyes.” Well when you’re talking, smoke gets in your eyes and ears. Once you’re on a roll, it’s very easy to not notice that you’ve worn out your welcome. You may not even realize that the other person is politely trying to get a word in, or subtly signaling that they need to be elsewhere (possibly, anywhere else if you have been really boring). There are three stages of speaking to other people. In the first stage, you’re on task, relevant and concise. But then…



Guest Post by Daniel Pink Note from Bob:  Click on Daniel’s photo above to view his 136 second Pinkcast Video. Below is the transcript of his video! Hi Everyone and welcome to another edition of Pinkcast. Today I want to talk about self talk. Those are the silent words we say to ourselves before doing something important like going to a big pitch…

The Dandelion Question

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Guest Post by Robert Hodge Note from Bob:  Do you have any of those pesky yellow flowers in your yard?  I certainly do!  After you read this terrific post I am betting you will never look at them in quite the same way! It all started with a dandelion in an alley in Calgary. A weed in the wrong place, it became the impetus for discovery that may eliminate much petroleum-based pollution.  The wonder is in the question that led to innovation. Most of us might merely pluck such an offending plant.  Some might plot a means to…

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