3 Questions Leaders Should Ask Their Team

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Guest Post by Mario Moussa

The executive team at Ford Motor Company in the 1950s made one of the best decisions and then one of the worst decisions in company history. Our research and experience at the Wharton School tells us that the Ford team is not alone in its schizophrenic decision-making; even the smartest groups often make poor choices.  Understanding why can help you ensure that you consistently get the best out of your top team. Let’s look at what went right, and then wrong, at Ford.

The Art of Active Listening

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This week as part of our 5th Anniversary Celebration I am sharing the top 5 Posts of the past 5 years!  Here is # 1:

Every time I see Bob Tiede’s LWQ in my inbox, I know my brain is in for a treat! It is always a blessing when we come across others who are like-minded and who share our same passions… and I am certainly passionate enough about questions to have written a whole book about them.
This is why I was honored...

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