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Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of

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Interview by Christy Kirk: 

Leading with Questions is turning 5! In a world where blogs come and go at lightning speed, it is an important and impressive anniversary. Bob and I started working together when the blog was just over two years old. He hired Weaving Influence to help get this life-changing information in front of more readers, and I became his project manager. Together we’ve worked on several initiatives, including his inspiring e-book

3 Questions That Changed My Life

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Heads Up!  Note from Bob:  

Today’s post is going to be just a bit different than normal.  Today – one day before Good Friday and 3 days before Easter – may I share with you the story of “3 Questions” that led me to become a “Follower of Jesus?”  Please know that if you would prefer to not read any further – no offense will be taken.

3 Questions that Changed My Life!


15 Questions Great Leaders Ask Other Leaders

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Guest Post by Joseph Lalonde

Great leaders never stop learning. That’s why great leaders never fail to ask other leaders questions about leadership.

These leaders are hungry. They want to grow. They know they can’t lead by themselves.

So they ask. And ask. Then ask some more.

Are you asking other leaders questions?

In my interview with Michael Bungay-Stanier, he brought up a great point about leaders need to be curious to coach well. I believe we can take this to the next level.

Not only is curiosity needed to coach well. Curiosity is needed...

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