Why Was This Day Different?

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Excerpted with the permission of the authors from Chapter 30 Power Questions:

(Note from Bob:  Jewish Passover this year begins tonight at sunset)

My good friend, Robie Wayneberg, invites me to dinner. A very special dinner.

He asks me to join him and his family in celebrating their Seder. It is the highly festive Passover dinner that...

5 Essential Questions in Life


Guest Post by Dean James Ryan

Note from Bob:  In his commencement address to the graduating class of 2016, James E. Ryan, dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, offered remarkable advice to graduates eager to make their mark on the world. The key to achieving emotional connections and social progress he told them, can be found in “5 Essential Questions in Life.”  Below is both the video excerpt and transcription of Dean Ryan’s address.   Dean Ryan’s book:

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